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Carolyn Caruso

Leadership Coaching

Curriculum Development

Educational Consulting

Organizational Development

Brecon Hill


Joseph A. Caruso
Senior Consultant

Strategic Marketing

Marketing Planst

Media Relations and Training

Public Affairs and
Issue Management

Brecon Hill

Why the name Brecon Hill?

In Wales, UK there is a mountainous region called the Brecon Hills. During ancient times, the Welsh who inhabited the area used the hilltops to create a series of signal fires enabling them to communicate quickly over great distances. This communications network was for them what cell phones and the internet are for us today.
Being able to see great distances from those hilltops also gave the ancient Welsh a strategic advantage. At Brecon Hill Consulting, our goal is to give clients a strategic advantage through the services we provide. The “Hill” in our name symbolizes our ability to help you to arrive at a higher place to accomplish your objectives either personally or organizationally.
Brecon Hill


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